Brahmananda Pradhan

Managing Director

Pradhan Industries Limited

The company has accumulated and consolidated an active, vibrant technical management team recruited on the basis of qualification, experienced and success track record. The team is successfully controlling  the production, relating to cost effectiveness and quality product of international standard, and safety working environment with a commitment.



The welfare of the working force plays a vital role in H.R.Management. The Human resources department of the company is well versed about all the welfare of the working force, keeping vigilant eyes on their personal, family welfare,  safe  and healthy working environment.The management  from time time arranges technical work shop for development of their skill and motivational Workshop for development of their positive and productive attitude. For residential facilities the company has set up a healthy workers and staff colony, added with community center for recreation  and temple for religious environment.



The company has taken almost care to maintain the echo balance and environment safety. The modern and efficient pollution control machineries has been commissioned   for environment safety of the plant and local area. A considerable dense , green plantation in the plant area has been created .



The company is keen and involved in the socio-economic-cultural activities and development of local near by villages participating and promoting  sports,cultural & religious functions.